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Campfire Story

Every family has their own campfire story, and this is Pine Ridge’s. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech and Beetle Mania was about to take over the world; it was 1963. Pine Ridge Park Campsite’s vision was being brought to reality by the imagination of Richard and Viola Travers, along with their three children Nancy, Paul, and Craig. Most in our community would remember the swimming days of their youth here, originally known as Dellie’s hole. When the front gates opened, the costs to camp a night was just $5.00. The park opened her doors with 25 sites to start her legacy.

In 1978 due to sickness, operations were turned over to Walter and Annie Figsby, who ran Pine Ridge with pride and love for 15 years. Walter’s mountain is named after him. Walter overlooks the lower field every day.

Nancy (Viola’s Daughter) returned home (even though she felt like she never left) in 1993 and brought her husband Bradley Fletcher and their two squirrels Kristal and Ian. Together they expanded what was then 32 sites to 150! They added and developed new roads, buildings, and recreation areas. For 27 years Nancy and Brad have dedicated themselves to the Pine Ridge Park family. They have molded this campground into an escape for young and old.

In 2016 Kristal (Nancy’s daughter) started following the Yellow Brick Road that her two previous matriarchal generations sat before her. Having dreams of her own, that she wants all of you to be a part of. With the help of her significant other, Kristopher, event sizes have doubled, and even more expansions are in arms reach.

So, come take a stroll under our pines! Become a part of our campfire story. Our Memories never fade here and neither do our friendships at Pine Ridge Park Campsite.